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West Jackson Middle School6

Jefferson, GA | Jackson County

April 29, 2014

My school has been very supportive with student activities and challenges. I have found administration very approachable.

Submitted by a parent

August 5, 2013

West Jackson Middle has seen vast improvement over the past few years and is now truly a 10 out of 10 school. I brag about this school to other parents quite frequently.

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July 31, 2013

No one has rated WJMS in over 3 years so a lot has changed including the principal. My student is starting the 7th grade there in a few days. He had a wonderful 6th grade year at WJMS. The team of teachers he had came together and had one website. On this website parents could "subscribe" and get e-mail updates on what was going on in the classroom. My son is the typical middle school kid and would come home and say he didn't have anything to study for. I would inform him that I had checked the team website (I had also received an e-mail when it was posted) and that he had a test Thursday on the Earth, Moon and Stars. I also would inform him that the study guide he "left in his locker" was uploaded on the website and that he needed to print it and study it! His grades were great this year b/c I was able to e-mail the teachers any issues and stay on him about studying. I dreaded middle school b/c I worried about possible communication issues but found WJMS to be FANTASTIC with communication. Also, as a side note the band program is one of the BEST in the state! We moved here 4 years ago from up North so we have been in very different schools and are very thankful for WJMS!

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April 20, 2010

The staff here is caring, knowledgeable, professional, dedicated - just super role models!

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April 20, 2010

We have very caring teachers and staff that do the best with what we have available to us.

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April 19, 2010

West Jackson Middle School is a great place because the teachers and staff really care about the quality education their students receive!

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October 8, 2008

WJMS is a great school.All the teachers put forth their greatest efforts to make learning fun but still get work done.I am in 8th grade and I am a cheerleader.After three years at this school it has improved alot now that Mrs.Hawley is the principal.The teacher that is on here saying that teachers don't interact with us enough needs to come to some of my classes.The parent who says they aren't strict enough needs to know that we don't get away with alot of stuff.As a matter of fact we don't get away with anything and if you don't like the school take your child out of the school and that is all I have to say.

Submitted by a student

August 7, 2008

My daughter is enjoying this school the most. We came from the Gwinnett county school system and this school surpasses Gwinnett hands down. Great teachers and interpersonal skills with parents.

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June 13, 2007

I think WJMS is an excellent school. I have a child who just completed grade 6. She loves it! Her grades were awesome. Great after school tutorials. Great sport programs also. The teachers introduced me to edline and her grades were always posted and her teachers e-mailed me on a regular basis with good and bad comments about my child. I hope I have helped if you are considering moving your child to WJMS. Go Panthers!

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March 29, 2006

The school is not strict enough. They let the kids get away with too much and thats one reason the school scores are low.

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January 26, 2006

Even though many teachers hold advanced degrees, non engage the students in a way that is condusive for learning of the greater populous. They teach children to read the book and answer questions. Little interaction with the studennts that is not heavy handed discipline. PTA has been replaced by a program that does not allow a lot of parental involvement.

Submitted by a teacher

July 12, 2005

My daughter just finished sixth grade at WJMS and I was very pleased with the teachers and staff. They are a strict school but I consider that a good thing. Every so often I would receive a note letting me know there would be a special math class after school for any child who wanted a little extra help and I think its wonderful to have a school that will go that extra mile for their students

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May 21, 2005

ifeeltheschool is to strict on certain things that kids do/i have a child at wjms for 2 years now i feel he does not get the help he needs for a adhd child that he needs from his special ed teachers/i will say there is one special ed teacher in 6th grade that is great'kids also get label by there peers /teachers.i know because my child has for 2 years now.try not to label kids as bad just because they mess up from time to time.they really don't get a fair chance if there a problem child or adhd here.my child also has been to gordon st and things are different there they get a second chance.like my son said hey to someone in class and losted his field day.kind of strict i think for saying hi.

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August 22, 2003

I have a child at WJMS, though the curriculum & the teachers are excellent, the manner in which the children are treated is poor. They are not allowed to socialize, which I believe is important to their growth as responsible & socially adjusted young adults. They aren't allowed to talk during lunch (most of the time) or during class changes. The teachers are very good, excellent in fact. The curriculum is excellent also, but these are the only pluses.

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