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North Gwinnett Middle School10

Sugar Hill, GA | Gwinnett County

February 25, 2015

Student- the last report of NGMS is complete lies!! I feel maybe the child lied to the parent! I love the school, the staff, the other kids!! They have great test scores and we are welcome to all newcomers!! We live new students and are always willing to help them find there way around!! The teachers are amazing!! Special credits to Nikkilee Morris, Lynda Row, and Jennifer Edwards!! Three of my favorite teachers!!

March 6, 2014

North Gwinnett Middle School. When a parent expresses concern about their child's social and mental well being they act with opposition and ignore any parental input. They ignore other students spreading malicious rumors of another student. The staff interrogates your child when you are not present and coerces them to admit to untruths. The Student Services Upper Staff is biased with "favorite" students over "unfavorite students". Parents e-mails with concern for their children's well being are ignored. We would not recommend this school to any interested parents! BEWARE! Research other schools that include and respect parents rights and voices for inclusion. There are better choices for your child's educational success. Perhaps one where the students are not put to tears when a parent in not present and changes their statements after being alone with Student Services Upper Staff and counselors. They may retaliate with actions or counter posts from "students/ parents". Thank you for reading and good luck. Keep researching and find a better school. We're just being honest for other families who have no experience with negative schools. Stay on track, avoid this one!

September 6, 2013

I LOVE THIS SCHOOL. They have great teachers who care about our future and I miss this school so much! It was really sad to move... Also, this school is very organized and I really love the principle! I love everything about this school! I recommend everyone. EVERYONE. to go to this school.

August 11, 2011

i am a new student here at north gwinnett middle school and i love it! the teachers are nice and very very kind and they all try to help you! i love it and i look forward to another well educated year here! ( is at the top of the best gwinnett county public middle schools)

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